1. Select AB TESTING from the top Navigation Menu.

2. Click the NEW A/B TEST button.

3. Select whether you will run a test on the Title, Features, Photos or Price.

CashCowPro will automatically test 2 to 4 titles. Make sure your title is within your character limit for your category.
Test 2 to 4 Main Images to see which converts the best

See which set of 5 features (aka 5 bullets) gives you the highest net profit

4. Select the product you wish to run an A/B Test on.

5. Select if you want the listing to switch daily, or run 1 variation then the others once that one completes. 

Daily Switching

Day 1 will show Variation 1, Day 2 will show Variation 2, Day 3 will show Variation 1, ect and the variations will switch daily until the test completes.

Consecutive Switching

Day 1 to 7 will show Variation 1, Day 8 to 14 will show Variation 2 then the test will stop.

6. Choose the number of days each variation should be tested (CYCLE DAYS) - we recommend a minimum of 3 days per variation.

Results Page

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