This feature is designed to give you a quick indication of how competitive a keyword is, and the listing quality for that Niche.

RED indicates the keyword is being used or the listing has 5 or more features or 7 or more images. 

GREEN indicates the keyword is not being used or the listing is not optimized as it has 4 or less features or 6 or less images.

The more RED the more competitive the niche. Look for keywords that are not being used much by competitors on page 1, this will show as GREEN in the tool. 


Shows the number of bullets/features that product has.

RED for 5 or more

GREEN for 4 or less


Shows the number of images that product has.

RED for 7 or more

GREEN for 6 or less


RED indicates the keyword is being used

GREEN indicates the keyword is not being used



Searching for YOGA MAT, the first results shows 8 Features and 2 images. On checking the listing it does have 8 features and just 2 images.

The YOGA MAT keyword is being used in the Title / Features and Description for this product.

The tool gives a quick snapshot of this niche and it shows that most of the results are RED indicating the keyword is being used by most of the products on page 1 of the Amazon search results, and that their listings are fully optimized. If the page was mostly GREEN then this would be a low competition keyword.

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