Why are my orders showing as Promotions?

If you are running any sort of promotion for your product (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, FREE Shipping, 10% discount, ect) or Amazon has applied a shipping discount for your customers, your order will be assigned a PROMOTION ID.

If this is the first order with this new PROMOTION ID the order will be shown as a PROMO order in CashCowPro but the PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT wont be shown until the order ships

If you have had orders with the PROMOTION ID before, CashCowPro will show the order as a PROMO and deduct any PROMO FEES in real time

After your order ships CashCowPro will auto correct the promotional fees, and correct the order status as a PROMO or FULL PRICE order.

Please allow 7 days (or until the first order ships) after you set up a new promotion for any product for this to correct in CashCowPro, after which the promotional data for that specific promotion should be shown in real time.

What is a PROMO FEE?

If you sell a $25 item with a $15 discount so the price the customer receives is $10, Amazon counts the sale at the FULL PRICE and assigns a PROMO FEE for the discount.


Retail Price $25

Promotion Discount $15

"Actual" Price for the customer = $25 - $15 = $10

FBA Fees $5

Landed Cost $4

In Amazon's Seller Central and CashCowPro this will show as:

Sales Revenue $25

Promo Fee $15

FBA Fees $5

Landed Cost $4 (Shown in CashCowPro but not Seller Central)

Net Profit = $25 - $15 - $5 - $4 = $1 per unit sold

Even though you are only getting $10 from the customer, Amazon shows this as a $25 Sale with a $15 PROMO FEE.


1. We will ignore any promotion IDs that contain the words ‘Gurantee’, ‘Shipping’, ‘Reminder’, ‘External’, ‘Finance’.

2. If you still have multiple promotion IDs in your order (and these promotions didn’t exist previously), when the order ships we apply the discount amount to the order, but we don’t update the promotions in our database. Why? Because we don’t know what promotion the amount was actually for, we have to wait until there is an order with just 1 promotion unning so we know the discount that should be applied.

3. If you offered your customers free shipping, ebook, video with the purchase or subscribe and save discounts it is considered a promotion (even when customers have paid full price for your products).

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