CashCowPro requires an up to date MWS token to sync your data

Amazon limits access to 12 months for your account, after which you will need to reset the MWS token.

1. Login to Seller Central


2. Go to User Permissions in the Settings menu

3. Go to Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section of the User Permissions page

4. Revoke Access for CashCowPro

5. Then click Authorize a Developer (bottom left of the page under the Amazon MWS Developer Access table)

6. Add in the developer name "CashCowPro" and the Developer ID "0755-3683-0707" (for USA) or "3634-8526-2889" (for EU), click Next

7. Amazon will show you the new MWS token details. You will need to update CashCowPro with this

8. Go to Settings then Amazon inside CashCowPro

9. Click on the edit icon next to the account, and then update the MWS Token

10. Copy the MWS token and the Seller ID back into CashCowPro and click Save

11. Authorize CashCowPro in Seller Central by clicking "Confirm Access" in the Amazon MWS Developer Access section of the User Permissions page in Seller Central. 

12. Then Confirm access

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