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Weekly update summary


Friday October 20th and 27th October 2017

Advertising: New PPC Tracking Feature

See the profitability of your PPC in CashCowPro



Friday October 13th 2017

A/B Testing: Daily Switching 

Variations will swap every 24 hours



Friday September 15th through to 6th October 2017

CashCowPro Team Meet Up & 12 Month Road Map Planning



Friday September 8th 2017

Messaging: Seller Feedback Email Updates 

Faster sending of Seller Feedback Emails


Messaging: Template Updates 

Improved Promotional and Default Sequences



Friday September 1st 2017

Performance: Infrastructure and Back End Updates (Ongoing)

Large scale work to our infrastructure




Friday August 25th 2017

Performance: Infrastructure and Back End Updates 

Large scale work to our infrastructure





Friday August 18th 2017

Keywords: Updated Keyword System 

Keyword limits added to account to speed up processing


Keywords: Keyword Optimization Page

We now check all the parts for a keyword e.g. "iPhone" and "Case" vs just "iPhone Case"



Friday August 11th 2017

PPC: Updated PPC Collection

We improved the speed and method for collecting PPC data


Keywords: Updated Keyword Tracking

We improved the speed and method for collecting keyword data


Infrastructure: Updated Databases

Much larger capacity to speed up page times



Friday August 4th 2017

PPC: Updated Today PPC Collection

We improved the speed and method for collecting real time PPC data


Messaging: Auto Blacklist

Automatically unsubscribe customers who have opted out of seller emails



Friday July 28th 2017

A/B Testing: Updated Test Status Types

Much clearer if your test has passed or failed


A/B Testing: Partial Results

Sometimes 1 variation fails to update, but now we still show you the results for the other test variations


Data Sync: EU Accounts

The Data Sync Extension now works using the Europe login for Seller Central


Infrastructure: We upgraded

Much larger capacity to speed up page times


Dashboard: Stock Out Date

Improved calculation for Yesterday and longer times periods


Messaging: Templates Updates

Auto-corrected templates for a number of users to improve deliver-ability



Friday July 21st 2017

Dashboard: Refunds Column added

You can now see your refunds $ amount, number of units and % refunds by product


Messaging: Test Emails Product Selection 

You can now select a product when testing your email templates


Advanced Metrics: Data Sync Chrome Extension Updated to work with EU Accounts.

Please use the European link to login to seller central


Messaging: Update to improve performance

We re-designed parts of the back end for messaging


Messaging: Open Rate

We have updated the Open Rate in the Summary page


Messaging: 1 Sequence per Amazon order

You can now send 1 set of emails per Amazon order by using this setting in Messaging > Settings


Messaging: Auto Check Contents

We now auto-validate your email contents to make sure the links and template will be successfully sent


Dashboard: Speed and Loading Times

We have cut significant time off data loading times across the Dashboard


A/B Testing: Test Performance

We improved the verification of tests and reduced the number of tests Amazon does not update


A/B Testing: Test Results

We improved the results collection and display process including currency display


CashCowPro: Site Up-time

Outside Scheduled Maintenance we had 100% site uptime this week. 

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