CashCowPro Updates & New Features

Monday August 26th

Replace the old crawler.


Tuesday August 13th
Revise the issue of the business report.
The header of the csv file should be English, otherwise you will not import it successfully.


Wednesday August 7th

  • Revise the keyword volume, we have also added it for the japan marketplace.
  • Add the [[review_url]] and [[contact_us_url]], user can add these links inside the image on the email template.


Monday August 5th

  • Improve the speed of the response at ORDERS section.
  • The customers can unsubscribe the email by email address or order id.


Wednesday July 24th

Revise the issue for importing landed cost.


Tuesday July 23th

Optimize the sort of the products on PRODUCT section.


Monday July 22th

Add the backward index on orders table.


Monday July 1th

Update the substitution  for Data Sync Chrome Extension.

The help documents can be found here.


Friday June 28th

Update the download feature for INVENTORY section.






Update Tracking

Weekly update summary


Friday October 20th and 27th October 2017

Advertising: New PPC Tracking Feature

See the profitability of your PPC in CashCowPro



Friday October 13th 2017

A/B Testing: Daily Switching 

Variations will swap every 24 hours



Friday September 15th through to 6th October 2017

CashCowPro Team Meet Up & 12 Month Road Map Planning



Friday September 8th 2017

Messaging: Seller Feedback Email Updates 

Faster sending of Seller Feedback Emails


Messaging: Template Updates 

Improved Promotional and Default Sequences



Friday September 1st 2017

Performance: Infrastructure and Back End Updates (Ongoing)

Large scale work to our infrastructure




Friday August 25th 2017

Performance: Infrastructure and Back End Updates 

Large scale work to our infrastructure





Friday August 18th 2017

Keywords: Updated Keyword System 

Keyword limits added to account to speed up processing


Keywords: Keyword Optimization Page

We now check all the parts for a keyword e.g. "iPhone" and "Case" vs just "iPhone Case"



Friday August 11th 2017

PPC: Updated PPC Collection

We improved the speed and method for collecting PPC data


Keywords: Updated Keyword Tracking

We improved the speed and method for collecting keyword data


Infrastructure: Updated Databases

Much larger capacity to speed up page times



Friday August 4th 2017

PPC: Updated Today PPC Collection

We improved the speed and method for collecting real time PPC data


Messaging: Auto Blacklist

Automatically unsubscribe customers who have opted out of seller emails



Friday July 28th 2017

A/B Testing: Updated Test Status Types

Much clearer if your test has passed or failed


A/B Testing: Partial Results

Sometimes 1 variation fails to update, but now we still show you the results for the other test variations


Data Sync: EU Accounts

The Data Sync Extension now works using the Europe login for Seller Central


Infrastructure: We upgraded

Much larger capacity to speed up page times


Dashboard: Stock Out Date

Improved calculation for Yesterday and longer times periods


Messaging: Templates Updates

Auto-corrected templates for a number of users to improve deliver-ability



Friday July 21st 2017

Dashboard: Refunds Column added

You can now see your refunds $ amount, number of units and % refunds by product


Messaging: Test Emails Product Selection 

You can now select a product when testing your email templates


Advanced Metrics: Data Sync Chrome Extension Updated to work with EU Accounts.

Please use the European link to login to seller central


Messaging: Update to improve performance

We re-designed parts of the back end for messaging


Messaging: Open Rate

We have updated the Open Rate in the Summary page


Messaging: 1 Sequence per Amazon order

You can now send 1 set of emails per Amazon order by using this setting in Messaging > Settings


Messaging: Auto Check Contents

We now auto-validate your email contents to make sure the links and template will be successfully sent


Dashboard: Speed and Loading Times

We have cut significant time off data loading times across the Dashboard


A/B Testing: Test Performance

We improved the verification of tests and reduced the number of tests Amazon does not update


A/B Testing: Test Results

We improved the results collection and display process including currency display


CashCowPro: Site Up-time

Outside Scheduled Maintenance we had 100% site uptime this week.

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