How do I add an Amazon North American Account to CashCowPro? (USA / MX / CA)

There are 2 main parts to adding a new account

A) MWS Settings: Shown below

B) Advanced Feature Settings *RECOMMENDED*: You will be guided through this process automatically once MWS Settings are complete.


1. Login to


2. Please go to SETTINGS > AMAZON in the top right hand corner






4. Select the MARKETPLACE you want to add. You will fill out this form in the last step of this process.


5. In your internet browser, open a new tab or window and please go to the following link



6. Click Sign Up For MWS. 


7. You’ll be asked to log into your Seller Central account, so please do so.


8. Once logged in, select

I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS


Please also enter the following details

○ Developer’s Name: CASHCOWPRO 

○ Developer Account Number: 0755-3683-0707

and click Next.




9. Accept the MWS agreement that’ll be shown and click Next.


10. Copy the details shown by Amazon (example below) for Seller ID and MWS Auth Token into the form on CashCowPro (see step 4 above).


Add Seller ID and MWS Auth Token into the form on CashCowPro



CashCowPro will now guide you through the Advanced Feature Settings


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