How do i set up Email MESSAGING in CashCowPro?

We cannot check these settings in Seller Central, so it is IMPORTANT that you verify your desired "FROM" email address is in ALL your Seller Central accounts and matches the email address you have used in the CashCowPro Messaging feature.


If you still have issues after checking all your settings, please email us at: 


Please check your settings in (A) Seller Central and (B) CashCowPro

(A) Seller Central Settings

1. Login to Amazon Seller Central


2. Go to Buyer Messages in Seller Central


3. Click Alternate Address in the Tools and Resources section of the Buyer-Seller Messages Page


4. Make sure ALL your amazon accounts include the "FROM" email address you want to use here.

If you are not using you Seller Central login email address, add the email address you want to us to Approved Senders and press Done.


Customer will not see the FROM email address you use.

Amazon will mask this and send customer an email that looks like When users reply it will go to your Seller Central Inbox. 



(B) CashCowPro Settings

Now you need to make sure that your CashCowPro settings match your Amazon Seller Central Settings.

1. Login to


2. Go to MESSAGING in the main menu


3. In the top right of the MESSAGING section, click the small Settings Icon


4. Enter the FROM email address you want to use. This must be included in the Approved Senders section of Seller Central for ALL your Amazon accounts (North America and all EU accounts individually).


This must match what you have in Seller Central: 


If you have any further questions about setting up your automatic feedback emails in CashCowPro please contact us at

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