I have 2 or more Seller Central Accounts, how do I link them to the extension?

First, follow the steps here to set up the extension


How do I add multiple Seller Central Accounts to the Data Chrome Extension?

Add your first Seller Central login email to your 2nd account as a user with full permissions (add your main seller central login email to all your other Seller Central accounts if you have more than 2)

  1. Do this by logging into your 2nd Seller Central Account
  3. Invite your main Seller Central account email to be a user
  4. Once the email is added, click EDIT under permissions and activate all permissions
  5. Do the same for all your other Seller Central Accounts in that marketplace

Then you can just log in to one of the Seller Central accounts and it will work fine with the extension


Why does CashCowPro need this?

These settings are required so you can view all your key data in CashCowPro, including:

+ Conversion Rate %

+ Buy Box %

+ Page Views

+ Sessions


You are covered by out extensive NON DISCLOSURE and NON COMPETE agreement, for more info see the agreement sent to you during the sign up process. 



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