My Performance Metrics / Conversions / Sessions / Page Views / Chrome Extension is not updating

A) Please ensure you have the DATA SYNC Chrome Extension Installed (See below)

B) Please ensure you login to CashCowPro and Seller Central DAILY

C) Pleas ensure the language of your Seller Central is English:

     Settings > Account Info > Feed Processing Report Language > Localized


Please note: If the DATA SYNC Chrome Extension does't work, you can import the business report manually. The document can be found here.


1. Install the DATA SYNC Chrome Extension, you can download the extension here:

CashCowPro DATA SYNC Extension


Once the extension installs, there will be a white icon to the right of the address bar. When you click on this, it'll show the current logged in status of CashCowPro and your SellerCentral accounts.


2. To use, please ensure:

  1. You're logged into CashCowPro
  1. You're logged into your SellerCentral account(s).


Use 2 TABS in Chrome to keep Seller Central and CashCowPro open.


The first SYNC may take between 6 to 12 hours, after which it will SYNC much more frequently.



Why does CashCowPro need this?

These settings are required so you can view all your key data in CashCowPro, including:

+ Conversion Rate %

+ Buy Box %

+ Page Views

+ Sessions

+ A/B Test Titles and Features

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