A/B Split Tests no results. 0% Conversion. 0 Sessions.


I ran a split test to see which price of my product would get the best response. It ended today and I see nothing in the stat section.





Your ADVANCED FEATURES are not linked. You need to install a Chrome Extension then re-run the tests.


You can download the extension here:

DATA SYNC Chrome Extension



To use, please ensure:

  1. You're logged into CashCowPro
  2. You're logged into your SellerCentral account(s).

** We recommend keeping 2 tabs open in Chrome, 1 for CashCowPro and 1 for Seller Central **


Click on the C icon in the top right of Chrome (white C on black background), it'll show the current logged in status of CashCowPro and your Seller Central accounts.


Everything else will run silently in the background. There's nothing more you need to do :)


have a good day,

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