Keep getting "Your email could not be delivered" messages in Seller Central?

Your custom blacklist email

1. In CashCowPro, go to Messaging, then Settings (linked here)

2. At the bottom of the Messaging Settings page will be your unique email to forward emails to. 

Example (do not use this example email)

3. Make sure your personal or business email address (not the blacklist email) is set up in Amazon following the steps here. Amazon will send all notifications to your email address. 

4. Set up a filter in your email provider (we have shown an example with gmail below) to forward the blocked emails to your CashCowPro blacklist email here.

5. CashCowPro will automatically unsubscribe these customers from future emails. 

Verification Code

Your email provider may ask you to input a code for forwarding emails. If they send a verification code for your custom blacklist email, CashCowPro will automatically send this code to your CashCowPro email account.

*Note - If you do not receive a confirmation code from Google or your email provider when adding the Blacklist email, please remove the forwarding email and re-add it.

Setting up a filter in your email provider

This example is for Gmail, most email providers have a similar forwarding feature. 

If you have set up gmail inside your seller central messaging (as an authorized user):

  1. Go to Settings in your Gmail email  (gear top right)
  2. Select Settings again
  3. Select Forwarding and Pop at top - blue link
  4. Add the blacklist email  (do not use this example
  5. You should receive a code from gmail to confirm this email, this will be sent to your email address you use with CashCowPro (your sign in email)
  6. Enter the code
  7. Next go to Filters in gmail settings
  8. Select create a new filter
  9. In this filter enter who the email is coming from (
  10. In the subject line enter the subject line "Your message to a buyer could not be delivered"
  11. Then hit Create Filter with this search
  12. Now you have more options and can select the top box to have this email from Amazon skip your inbox so you don't get the email any more if you don't want it. 
  13. You need to select Forward To and Add an Email and fill in the email (do not use this example, please use your custom email shown here)
  14. Then create filter

Amazon will send emails to your email provider for each blocked user, and with this filter those emails will be forwarder to CashCowPro and automatically unsubscribed in your CashCowPro account. No more emails will go to those customers. 

Additional Comments

For your filter you can either forward emails from amazon that contain the subject "Your message to a buyer could not be delivered" or content "the buyer has chosen to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers" to your custom blacklist email.

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